Conveyor Signs Bullseye In New Global Deal

Toronto music company Conveyor Canada has signed Bullseye Records of Canada to a three year international deal for physical and digital music distribution. Conveyor will be working with Universal Music Group in Canada and other distribution partners worldwide to usher in Bullseye Records’ 30th year as Canada’s premiere Classic Rock re-issues label.

First up will be the re-launch of Bullseye’s award winning independent music compilation series, Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered, on April 16th as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. Conveyor and Bullseye will then unveil Strange Advance’s 1988 album The Distance Between and Alta Moda’s 1987 album Alta Moda. Both will feature original artwork, liner-notes, photographs and bonus tracks. Of note: Alta Moda was fronted by Molly Johnson, now an acclaimed jazz artist.

In a label press release yesterday, Bullseye President Jaimie Vernon explained that “Conveyor has offered us the opportunity to take Canada’s back catalog to the world market simultaneously. We’re excited about creating new ways to present our lost classics to a new audience whether it’s through collectible CD re-issues, vinyl or digital downloads and streaming.”

Conveyor’s Peter Piasecki noted that “We are very happy to have Jaimie and Bullseye aboard and offer music lovers at home and abroad the opportunity to experience great Canadian music and artists.”

Both the Alta Moda and Strange Advance records initially came out on Toronto independent label Current Records. That label’s head, Gerry Young, tells FYI that "I'm very pleased that these two great albums from the '80s  will get a second life through these re-releases with Bullseye/Conveyor. Millennials worldwide will now have the opportunity to hear some of the great alternative pop of the time".

Bullseye was previously the revival label for such Canadian acts as The Guess Who, Brave Belt, Mainline, Swedish Fish, Moving Targetz, Luke & The Apostles, Segarini, Santers, Moxy, Goddo, Honeymoon Suite, Harem Scarem, The Kings, Brutus and even Klaatu. They have recently licensed selected 1980s titles from Gerry Young’s Current Records, Bomb Records, and Skip Prokop’s (Paupers, Lighthouse) early solo works. Other rare and long-out-of-print 1970s/1980s titles will roll out over the next two years including previously unreleased material from the Bullseye vault.

Conveyor is no stranger to the world of classic Canadian rock, for it is also the home of FM, Klaatu and The Jeff Healey Estate.





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