Rog and Pete sang about their generation to a packed house at the ACC last night. Photo: Bill King
Rog and Pete sang about their generation to a packed house at the ACC last night. Photo: Bill King

Liner Notes: Bullet News for March 2nd

RIP: John Bellone Sr., proprietor of London, ON’s Bellone’s musical instrument store, on Feb. 28. He was 88. Trained as a violin maker in France, John Bellone Senior moved to Canada in the early 1960s and saw in the guitar a new future for music, and founded Bellone's in 1964. In 1988, his son, John Jr., took over the reins of the popular instrument store. Jack Richardson Hall of Famer and Thundermug co-founder Bill Durst posted on Facebook: “It was 1967 when John sold me my first professional guitar. It was a 1963 telecaster. I was 15 years old. John was a musical father to an entire generation of baby boomers. He fixed our broken instruments and lent us amplifiers so that we could go out and play as teenagers. He was there in the more serious moments as some of us began to have professional careers in music. I remember him as being very passionate about instruments and music. He was like a dad that you never messed with....”

- Statistics Canada reports the arts, entertainment and recreation sector increased 2.1% in December, as a result of gains in spectator sports and related industries. Household disposable income increased 0.5% in Q4, with household final consumption expenditure keeping pace. As a result, the household saving rate was unchanged from the third quarter at 4.0%.

- Earl Jive on Facebook: I do a show on Saturdays out of Laguna Beach called O CANADA. It's all Canadian. It's becoming increasingly difficult to do it as Canadian Music sources such as New Music Canada are blocking Americans (I assume not wanting Canadian Music to spread outside Canada). Very small-minded, in my opinion.

- Edwin joins old band mates I Mother Earth for a one-off reunion concert at the Phoenix Concert Hall in T.O. on June 3rd.

- Valerie Shearman is now fronting Just Heart as Ann Wilson with Teresa Hart her on-stage sibling Nancy. The faux sisters’ classic rock tribute plays a double bill with a Tribute to Rush at the 5555 Dundas W. version of the Rockpile in T.O. on March 12. Details via Just Heart’s Facebook page.  

- Federal Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly has gone on record as saying her government's March 22 budget will restore some funding to the CBC, but in its first year the Liberal Party will not fully undo cuts made by the Conservatives. She has also hinted that that changes might be coming to the Broadcasting and the Telecommunications acts, which "were developed 30 years ago, when it was really a much more analogous way of thinking.”

- The Toronto Sun met with Twitter Canada’s new boss Rory Capern. Among the factoids: "There's been a huge growth in the amount of video that's being consumed in our country. Canadian Twitter users consume five hours a month more, on average, than U.S. users. I think it's because of the cold winters."

- Add art gallery to the galaxy of businesses that Linus Entertainment/True North Records has in its orbit. The True North Gallery is to be housed at street level in the entertainment firm’s new digs in Griffin House located in the Victorian village of Waterdown, ON. Renamed Griffin House Arts, Culture and Innovation Business Centre, the owners, Brooke and Geoff Kulawick, plan a soft launch for the gallery on March 25.

The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund yesterday announced their 2015 Clinical Grant Recipients. They are Méliane Laurier-Cromp, MA, MTA and the Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale de Laval (CPSL) in Laval, QC, Elizabeth Mitchell, MT, RP, MTA and the Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre in London, ON, and Jennifer Buchanan, MTA and the Foothills Medical Centre, Alberta Health Services in Calgary, AB. 

- Before, during and after her time fronting Parachute Club, singer/songwriter/filmmaker Lorraine Segato was a crucial figure on Toronto’s Queen Street West music/arts scene. Now installed as Regent Park artist-in-residence, she has created a point of view exhibition, Queen St. West (QSW) 1975-1989 The Rebel Zone,that tells the story of how art and activism ignited a cultural renaissance along Queen Street West and transformed the city of Toronto. The Rebel Zone is a part of the first annual Myseum Intersections Festival, a collection of exhibits that explore different perspectives on the city's natural, cultural, and historical diversity. It will be presented at YTB Gallery in Regent Park and runs March 15-31.

- Alan Cross presents his third MusicTech event on March 15 in Toronto, at Lighthouse Labs, 46 Spadina Ave. Speakers are noted musician/producer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case) and Wojtek Hoch, Founder/CEO of Nomadic Uno. The event is free (plus free Steam Whistle beer), but you must register:

- More festival announcements: The Northern Lights Festival Boréal will return (for the 45th year!) to Sudbury, ON, July 8 -10. Headlining will be the dynamite fiddle duo, Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, with other acts just announced including Kate Maki and Fred Squire, Sheesham and Lotus, Melanie Brulée, Anique Granger, Union Duke and Cindy Cook. More info here.

- The neon palm is down at the El Mocambo with a sign on the wall stating the signature sign is off for repair, as work continues inside rejuvenating the tired old lady with many stories told and untold. Greg Godovitz has been hired on as curator and on Facebook is asking anyone with club memorabilia to contact him.  

- Beginning with the March 2016 distribution, enhanced royalty statements will only be available electronically to CMRRA clients through the new CMRRA Direct portal. Read more about the new royalty reporting here.

- The operators of the Coachella music festival asked a federal judge Monday to issue a court order barring a rival festival called Hoodchella from using the name for its scheduled April event.

- Nearly 50 years after Jimi Hendrix released the psychedelic single proclaiming "'scuse me while I kiss the sky,” the family estate slapped his brother and a California company with a suit in Georgia court Tuesday, claiming their Purple Haze Liqueur infringed on the rocker’s trademark.

- Sony Music is suing online radio service Radionomy for copyright infringement - a company that just so happens to be a sister organisation to Universal under Vivendi.

- Bankrupt SFX Entertainment has spoken to 24 interested parties about buying online music store Beatport - with an auction set to kick off in early May.

- UMG now owns almost half of Vevo. The firm increased its share from 48% to 49% last year, MBW has discovered - a stake which Vivendi values at just $83M.

- Google Inc. was hit with a proposed class action Tuesday in New York federal court accusing the company of failing to pay mechanical royalties for its Google Play Music streaming service, a lawsuit similar to ones lobbed against streaming rivals Spotify and Tidal in recent months.

- CBS is asking judges in California and New York to toss out lawsuits seeking royalties for pre-1972 songs, doubling down on the argument that the “remastered” versions it plays on the radio aren’t even pre-1972 songs in the first place.


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