Jeff Craib Steering Feldman Agency In New Directions

The Feldman Agency, a division of S.L. Feldman & Associates of Vancouver, is undergoing a dramatic re-shaping of its businesses.

As one of North America's preeminent talent agencies, the privately held firm expects to unfurl a bundle of announcements in the coming months that will push the company's brand beyond Canada's borders, and increase its event management revenues.

In a wide ranging discussion, agency President Jeff Craib explains that the live talent business is undergoing a sea change. Among the factors affecting the sector are ageing audiences who are now looking for ease of access to major events, a dramatic growth in ethno-cultures wanting to see their own cultural pop stars, and a realization that today's pop culture has no borders and is increasingly driven by social media connections.

There's also the fact that developing acts are finding fewer opportunities to earn a living, and this has Craib rattled. In the discussion to run in FYI shortly, the veteran talent promoter says club closures, dwindling record company rosters, and shifting interests among college-aged students is making it increasingly difficult to create a window of opportunity for young faces to gain traction in the marketplace. To this end, the company has created a template for artist development that has the entire organization behind the acts it has collectively decided to seed. The days of packaging acts and having them play a round of clubs to create a buzz are gone, Craib says, as are a number of resources managers and agents could use as part of their artist development toolbox.

With a strong roster of Canadian superstar acts capable of headlining arenas and sheds, The Feldman Agency is in pursuit of tomorrow's acts that include Alessia Cara, Scott Helman, Francesco Yates, Coleman Hell, Tyler Shaw, and Forest Blakk (nee Jesse-James Cameron).



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