The Rozsa Centre, where today's BIG event takes place
The Rozsa Centre, where today's BIG event takes place

It's A Large Day In Juno City, Don't Ya Know?

There's a major, major media scrum set in Calgary mid-afternoon today to announce something very BIG, and that's about all we can say this a.m.

In case you have missed the fact, Rodeo Town is host city to the Juno Awards and its seemingly endless itinerary of showcases, schmoozes, parties, fan fests and whatevers. This is a Big Events week for the music industry and the city's Super Mayor, Naheed Nenshi--and the entire hullabaloo has publicists running on overdrive, caffeinated and working almost as hard as scalpers selling showtime tickets to Sunday's star-studded Awards concert at the Saddledome.

This afternoon's shindig takes place at the University of Calgary's Rozsa Centre theatre that bears acoustical comparison to the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. The event involves star attractions from the U, the soon-to-be birthed National Music Centre--and its confusing inner sanctum known as Studio Bell, Universal Music Canada topper Jeffrey "Jeff" Remedios and "an iconic Canadian artist".

We are under oath not to say more as the whole ball of wax is under seal and embargoed until after the egg rolls and pulled pork sandwiches are trollied out for a lecturn of VIPs and the necessary throng of overworked and underpaid scribblers and wincing camera-types. But rest assured, this announcement is going to make Thursday, March 31st a good news day for all concerned.

Hats off to the wise folk who chose the 31st and not April Fool's Day for such an occasion, don't you think?

As is expected, FYI will have eyes, ears (and mouth) open at the event to report on today's Big announcement, and offer in-depth analysis about the quality of hors d'oeuvres served to the ravenous ensemble baying for more at the U's cozy little theatre.



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