Mudslingers: Game Of Life

Mudslingers -- "Game Of Life" -- (Music Solutions): The Canadian trio formed round brothers Jarred and Ryan Connolly with bud Connor McWatters perfectly connects the dots between The Sheepdogs and the Capricorn 'sound' which is just another way of saying these Mudslingers have captured that enticing sound that in another era spawned rock n' roll. This isn't alt, it ain't even hip but it hits the core, it's commercial and it rocks. Does anything more count?

My daddy looked me in the eye,
His face full of tears,
A long proud expression,
of granddaddy’s years,

Step up, to the game of life,
Your either gonna strike out or hit a pop fly,
It doesn’t matter swing the bat son to stay alive,
Dirt and grime you can take anytime,
Don’t be afraid of sweat or blood,
Cuz at the end of the day,
Its your name,
That will carry on.





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