RIP: Nadine Gelineau

Nadine Gelineau, the Ottawa-born founder and CEO of The MuseBox artist marketing and branding agency, died Thursday at age 56 from cancer in Los Angeles where she lived.

Well liked and respected for her determination, energy and strong opinions, Gelineau started her career path as program director at then nascent CKUA community radio station while attending Carleton University in Ottawa. She became an advocate for and helped forge an alliance between Canada's unruly campus and community radio stations before joining McGill U's CKUT FM for a stint before being recruited by the CBC, and then left radio to join BMG in Toronto, heading up the company's alternative and hip hop marketing department.

Her signature style in winning over clients, artists and media earned her notice at BMG in NYC who in turn recruited her, and once across the border she shifted into overdrive. Gelineau was invited to head up addVice Marketing, founded by VICE co-founders, Montreal's Suroosh Alvi and Ottawa’s Shane Smith, where she was involved in launching consumer brands including Sparks, Virgin Mobile and Scion--and marketing bands, including The Killers, Bloc Party and The Dears.

In 2006 she started her own LA-based agency The MuseBox, with satellite offices in New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, & Ottawa. In 2010, MuseBox merged with NYC-based Magnum PR to offer “360” marketing services to the music and lifestyle branding.

In January, she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer linked to a genetic mutation. A GoFundMe campaign on her behalf raised nearly US$65,000 by 579 of her many friends and associates. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2012, Gelineau had been active in the animal rescue org No Kill.

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