Tony Visconti. Photo: Marilyn Kingwill
Tony Visconti. Photo: Marilyn Kingwill

Tony Visconti: Record Labels Are Putting Out Records Like Chewing Gum

People don’t want to pay for music, because of sites like Spotify. Users will pay a monthly fee for a downloading service instead of for actual music.

I think record companies are so frightened that they’re going to lose what’s left of the people buying records that they put the same old music out all the time which isn’t allowing new artists to come through. They don’t want to take any risks with signing any experimental artists.

I also think the music record labels put out is lacking quality.

They’re just putting out instant music like chewing gum. You have a few bites and then you’re done with it, and that’s the reason why people aren’t buying new. They’re are not hearing new music, they’re hearing old, rehashed music.

-- Producer Tony Visconti, GW


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