The Feldman Agency Partners With W/M Influencer Agency To Form INF

Ad blocking is pushing marketers into seeking different ways to reach consumers and one of the most popular avenues today is through the use of digital creator-led campaigns where key individuals wield influence over specific consumer markets.

These people are called 'Influencers' and they may be potential buyers themselves, or they may be third parties. These third parties exist either in the supply chain or may be so-called 'value-added influencers' such as journalists, academics, industry analysts, and professional advisers.

It is no surprise then that two Vancouver-hedaquartered firms are keen to exploit their potential synergies. The Feldman Agency and W/M Influencer Agency have partnered to form INF Influencer Agency.

The new agency represents top online personalities and social media influencers in the categories of fashion, beauty, food, home, tech, lifestyle and travel.

Chairman of The Feldman Agency (FA), Sam Feldman, comments, 'TFA is constantly challenging itself to fuel the business and adapt to the ever-changing definition of celebrity. We have partnered with W/M because they were the first to market and the founders, Jessica and Hilary, are well-versed in talent management, casting, social media, brand and marketing. We welcome the INF Influencer Agency model to the Feldman family.'

"The talent space is evolving. We have been following the global impact of digital influencers and believe that their celebrity is one that requires management as the influencer market grows,” says Jeff Craib, President of FA. “This partnership is a natural step for us and we look forward to launching several exciting initiatives in collaboration with INF Influencer Agency."

Influencers are the new celebrity and their voices are dominating as marketers devote a growing share of their budget to influencer-based initiatives. Brands are investing in influencers to increase their visibility and social platform numbers, differentiate their product from the competition, create content and ultimately generate revenue through influencers’ loyal and engaged fans.

In addition to managing influencers' online careers and building their brands offline, INF works closely with agencies and brands to cast talent for global influencer programs. On behalf of brands and agencies they manage casting, influencer relations, and program results.

"W/M is Canada's first agency dedicated to managing digital influencers," co-founders Jessica Thomas Cooke and Hilary Chan-Kent added. “The creation of INF with The Feldman Agency is an exciting alliance that will allow us to sign talent on an international level, and also open offices in both Canada and the USA to service that talent with the experience and reputation of Sam Feldman and his team."

-- INF Influencer Agency, 

-- The Feldman Agency



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