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Prince: his 10 greatest songs from Head to Cream (and Purple Rain in between) -- The Guardian UK

We'll never understand Prince, and that's why we love him -- Wired

Why the 2007 Super Bowl was an act of peak Prince​: He was two decades removed from the height of his powers, but the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show may have been Prince at his Prince-iest -- Maclean's

Elton John, Mick Jagger and Madonna lead tributes to Prince after he dies, aged 57: Twitter has been inundated with messages from music royalty paying their respects to the pop icon  -- The Mirror UK

The artist Prince ushered into the spotlight -- LA Times

How Prince rebelled against the music industry - NY Times

Prince's past relationships include connections to Canadian women -- Huffington Post

Hints of Prince's failing health preceded a sudden death -- NY Times

Long Live Prince: A salute to the Minneapolis genius -- NY Daily News

Nova Scotia RCMP detachment have released a new parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling" ---and now the song is completely ruined forever -- Exclaim!

From the Weeknd To Magic!: Canadian musicians before they were famous -- CBC Blog

Live Music is a luxury now: Outrageous ticket prices make it harder for fans to see the acts they love -- Salon

Are popular music fests pricing out everyday, middle class fans? -- USA Today

Coachella 2016: Bonfire of the Vanities - how a music festival turned into a money-making monster  -- The Telegraph UK







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