Courtesy of Scotland's The Daily Record
Courtesy of Scotland's The Daily Record

Around The Web: Stories You Will Want To Read

Recent news and features from around the web we thought you may wish to read and share.

Former CRTC head praises Ottawa for rethinking CanCon: “Clearly the Internet and the digital age have changed things, and we have to rethink how we foster Canadian content” -- Globe & Mail

Pandora joins the music streaming exclusive battle with Young Thug mixtape -- MBW

What Record Stores Will Look Like In the Future -- Digital Music News

Record labels are far from the evil suits Prince made them out to be – they're redistributive business models -- The Independent UK

Artist backlash over YouTube royalty payments grows noisier -- MBW

What a label with 2.5m YouTube streams actually seated because the amount will floor you -- Digital Music News

We need to do something about album credits: Now, CD jackets are a thing of the past, liner notes are left to whatever lands on Wikipedia -- Cuepoint

Jane Bunnett's groundbreaking experiment with gifted young Cuban women -- Chicago Tribune

How big data creates false confidence -- Nautilus

Iggy Pop tells 'almost unbelievable tale' of the Stooges in new book Total Chaos: Joan Jett and Jack White also contribute to volume put together from Iggy’s reminiscences of the band’s dissolute heyday -- The Guardian UK

You can now listen to a song which hasn't been played for 1,000 years: Music lovers have been doubly blessed recently -  Beyoncé's new visual album is out and scientists from the U of Cambridge have managed to piece together a song which hasn't been played in over 1,000 years (with video) -- The Telegraph UK



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