The Lazys: Howling Woman

The Lazys -- "Howling Woman" (Pheromone/Cadence): The Aussie bashers sparked a base in Canada with a shock-and-awe showcase at CMW a couple of years back and followed with several brute-force assaults on dazed and confused brewskie-swilling, t-shirt-and- jean-jacketed blue-collar yobs in pubs, clubs and strip bars across this great nation. Bluntly put, these lads hit with the power of a car compactor crunching a ping pong ball. It was a victory dance all the way. Original they ain't--but really, who the fuck is these days?

This is the fourth stress track taken from The Lazys' self-titled glambam and it's custom tailored for today's progressive and regressive rock FMs looking to add a little zip to their dinosaurs collections . Larry Wanagas is managing, Ralph James is principal cheerleader, and Kim Cooke is the infiltrator currying favours. As the saying goes, give rock a friggin' chance or be a bollock and watch out someone doesn't cap you with a .38 Special.





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