On tour with Cutting Crew with a streamed concert going live tonight.
On tour with Cutting Crew with a streamed concert going live tonight.

Cutting Crew and Blurred Vision Join Forces

Remember Cutting Crew? Best known for their smash hit "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight", they are now back in action and making waves across the pond.

The band's then producer, transplanted Brit Terry Brown (Rush, Blue Rodeo)--  now living in Toronto -- informs FYI  from the UK that Cutting Crew and the London–based Blurred Vision -- officially formed in Toronto by Iranian-born brothers Sepp Osley and Sohl Osley, and Ben Riley -- have joined forces for a UK tour with the opening show to be streamed live in the US & Canada.

The short UK tour opens tonight at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells. Brown tells us “It's a dynamite set with both bands on stage and a great list of material from the six piece group. It's a new concept of combining the hits of Cutting Crew ("I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight") with the drive of Blurred Vision featuring tunes which have grazed the pop charts and social media here in the UK. It Rocks !!”

A press release explains the project further: "Cutting Crew's lead man and hit-writing founder Nick Van Eede, alongside the band's guitarist Gareth Moulton, now team up with celebrated London based Canadian rock trio Blurred Vision, to present a unique and exciting new concept and live show.

The two bands break down the generation gap and become one on a tour to perform songs together, from both groups' recent albums. Included will be new renditions of "I've Been In Love Before" and global mega hit "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016.

The show will also include songs from Cutting Crew's new album Add To Favourites which Discussion Magazine calls "best album of their career", and Blurred Vision's debut album Organized Insanity, hailed as "one of the best of 2015" by Team Rock UK.

Alongside his work with Cutting Crew, Nick Van Eede is an in demand songwriter with credits including Mika, Pixie Lott, Marillion, amongst others.”

A group with Iranian-Canadian roots, Blurred Vision earlier received a nod of approval from Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. He approved the group's cover of Pink Floyd hit "Another Brick In The Wall Part 2" reworked as "Hey Ayatollah Leave Those Kids Alone," which became an anthem for the youth uprisings in Iran that started in the summer of 2009. The video would become one of the first cover videos on YouTube to go viral.

Brown suggests the project may play Canadian dates later in the year.

The re-engagement will bring tears to legendary Canadian entertainment lawyer Bernie Solomon who discovered van Eede in a Sussex hotel bar years back and signed him to a record deal (as The Drivers), and then teamed him up in Cutting Crew with producer Brown to release one album (on Dallcorte Records) containing the band's best-selling hit. Years later Cutting Crew and Blurred Vision (also produced by Brown) team up for a series of dates together. The A&R chief at Dallcorte at the time was Tim Trombley who went on to have a successful career with EMI in Canada before moving back to his hometown of Windsor, ON where he is now Director of Entertainment at Caesars casino in the city.






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