Kristof Brandl at work behind the camera
Kristof Brandl at work behind the camera

Kristof Brandl Recipient Of The Prism Prize's Arthur Lipsett Award

The Prism Prize has announced the recipient of the Arthur Lipsett Award is Kristof Brandl, who is also a Prism Prize Top Ten nominee this year as the director for "Le Fantôme" by Monogrenade.

Montrealer Brandl has won wide acclaim with music video productions for artists such as Nikki Yanofsky, Zedd, Point Point, The Shoes, and Majid Jordan. The Arthur Lipsett Award, presented by MuchFACT, recognizes a Canadian music video artist for their innovative and unique approach to music video art. Lipsett was a Canadian filmmaker best known for his sound collage films made for the National Film Board in the 1960s.

The Prism Prize Awards presentation at TIFF Bell Lightbox on Sunday, May 15 will include a screening of the Top Ten videos.  The awards include a $10,000 Grand Prize for best Canadian music video of the year; the Audience Award (presented by Noisey Canada); the Special Achievement Award (presented by FYI Music News); and the Arthur Lipsett Award for innovative and unique approaches to music video art. Tickets to the Prism Prize Screening and Awards Presentation are on sale now.

-- Kristof Brandl on Vimeo

And here's a short shot last year in Niland, Calif. called To The Lions






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