Three Takes On Digital Marketing At CMW

The Digital Media Summit, part of Canadian Music Week 2016, kicked off Thursday morning with a panel on everyone’s favorite topic –millennials.  The speaker, Shama Hyder of Marketing Zen, described them as “the most reviled, loved, talked-about generation of all time,” a generation that,by 2020, will make up the majority of the workforce.  She skewered some common misconceptions about millennials. They’re not poorer than other generations, and they’re not less well educated.  Moreover, they don’t use social media to connect, as is commonly supposed, but instead use it to showcase their identities.  So the best way for brand marketers toreach millennials is not to ask‘What does our brand say about us?’ but rather,‘How doesdoing business with our brand allow our customers to say something about them andtheir personal brand?’

Next up was email marketer Michael Barber.  Chock full of statistics on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to email marketing (you can access his full presentation here). The most obvious takeaway was that the two most important emails you can send are the welcome email, when someone signs up to your site, and the transactional email, when someone completes a transaction on your site.  Both significantly increase user engagement and subsequent conversion rates, yet more than 40% of site owners still don’t send welcome emails.

The morning wrapped up with Diana Lucaci’stalk on the neuroscience of online marketing.  She’s been using biometric and brain sensors to track users as they shop online, discovering a stark difference between what people say they are experiencingas they complete a transaction and what they are actually experiencing.  This is because all sense experience travels first through the emotional (and less verbal) part of our brains before reaching the more rationaland verbal neocortex.

There was lots to take away from these sessions,for both novice and more experienced online marketers.

Julian Humphreys is a freelance writer and certified coach.



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