Crown Dropping Final Charge Against Ghomeshi

According to the CBC, Jian Ghomeshi's final charge of sexual assault in the workplace will be dropped by Crown Attorney Michael Callaghan on Wednesday.

Was justice served in the sensational and hugely expensive trial that put former media darling Ghomeshi in the spotlight for sexual assault charges that were tossed out of court?

Absolutely not.

Not for the women who alleged the assaults.

Not for Ghomeshi who has been silent for 16 months since he was fired from his CBC job in January 2015.

Not for the Crown prosecutor whose case fell apart earlier this year when the complainants were accused by the trial judge of either lying under oath or concealing evidence.  

Not for the CBC, where it appears a complicity of silence was alleged to have let a key employee ramp up a disturbing pattern of behavior.  

Not for the justice system that let this circus-like trial come apart.

In fact, about the only positive that comes from this disturbing calendar of events is a lot of people emboldened to act like predators in the past have been put on notice that their actions are no longer to be tolerated in today's society, which is to say that this alleged behavior, if not overtly permissible in the past, is completely unacceptable today.

One is left to speculate what course of action Mr. Ghomeshi will now take as a free man cleared on all charges.

One is left to speculate what actions the criminal justice system will take to prevent further cases such as Ghomeshi's and Mike Duffy's going to trial when complelling evidence falls short and reputations are ruined.  The fall-out from these two trials is that confidence in the justice system itself is called into question. Crown prosectutors need to be cautioned in future that these sensational trials come with huge personal and financial costs.








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