Julian on stage and lovin' every minute of it
Julian on stage and lovin' every minute of it

Julian Taylor Band: Just A Little Bit

Julian Taylor Band -- "Just A Little Bit" (Aporia): Here's a song with teen spirit that smells and sounds like a summer hit.

It is also a song that is finding fans globally via Spotify and the Internet. Delta Radio in Hamburg is all over it, Sirius XM loves it, CBC Radio One picked it as song of the week recently and some kid in Russia heard it, loved it and synced it to the accompanying video that he got from who knows where. Julian co-wrote "Just A Little Bit" with Kinnie Starr and Jeremy Elliott and it's his first big chance since Staggered Crossing staggered home for good.

Ralph James is a cheerleader, Aporia is behind it at home, and Julian is looking for an American record label to pick up the ball and run it up the charts in that market. Shades of Magic! and very much in the groove of what summer is all about. With seven US radio stations now featuring it, the song needs a champion that can bring it to the goal line. Any takers? Contact Aporia or Julian direct via Facebook.




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