Matt at the top of his game
Matt at the top of his game

Worrying About The Future Of News

Getting axed is never a pleasant experience and it came as a jolt to Matt Hayes who spent the better part of his career at CHCH in Hamilton. The following story unfurls the joys he had working at the TV station, and then the anguish in finding out that he was being turfed.

“I walked out the door,” he writes, “and I said ‘there’s 33 years that meant absolutely nothing’, and I went home and I started drinking. I was on the phone all night…and at about 11 o’clock my daughter says ‘Dad you need to post something on social media.’ I’m not a social media guy and so she set me up and I put this piece out…and then I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep. In the middle of the night I hear my IPad pinging, pinging, pinging… I open it up…and there are all of these messages from people I don’t even know…and they are the most beautiful messages…I’m sitting in my living room and I started to cry…because they were saying such nice things and that’s when I said ‘OK it did mean something.’ I still get it every day when I’m out and that’s really gratifying.”

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