The Tragically Hip: By The Numbers

No Canadian band has sold as many albums in Canada as the Kingston, ON band known affectionately as The Hip, and that's a fact.

Their catalogue is deep, the fans rabid, and the tonnage these lads have sold is quite simply ginormous.

Added together, The Tragically Hip has certified sales of 6+ million albums, but the stats are dated and guestimates now place catalogue sales at 8+ million copies--an achievement few if any band from anywhere can lay claim to in this country. Here's the facts as we know them now...

July 1987 --  The Tragically Hip, 2x Platinum: The first release by the band is an eight-song EP produced by Red Rider guitarist/keyboardist Ken Greer. The set produced three non-charting singles: "Small Town Bring Down," "Highway Girl" and "Last American Exit."

Sept. 1989 --  Up To Here, Diamond: The first full-length album remains one of the band's most successful, earning the band a Juno Award for Most Promising Artist, and introduced fan-favourite songs such as "Blow At High Dough," "New Orleans Is Sinking," and "38 Years Old."

Feb. 1991 --    Road Apples, 8x Platinum: The second full-length album, produced by Don Smith, becomes their first to reach #1 in Canada, in large part driven by the success of the #1 and #3 charting singles "Three Pistols" and "Twist My Arm."

Oct. 1992 --   Fully Completely, Diamond: The band's second chart topping album is produced by Chris Tsangarides. It produces six (count 'em, 6) singles: "Locked in the Trunk of a Car," "Fifty Mission Cap." "Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)," "At the Hundredth Meridian," "Looking for a Place to Happen," and the title track.

Sept. 1994 --  Day For Night, 4x Platinum, co-produced by the band, Mark Howard and Mark Vreeken. It becomes the band's first album to debut at #1, and leads to a Dan Aykroyd introduction on Saturday Night Live, plus tour dates with Page & Plant. This album too produces six singles, including "Nautical Disaster" and "Grace, Too."

May 1996 --   Trouble At the Henhouse, 5x Platinum: Co-produced by the band and Mark Vreeken, the title is taken from the album's cover photograph of the same name by Avery Crounse. The album debuted at #1 and stayed put for 4 weeks, produced 5 singles--including "Ahead By A Century" and "Butts Wiggin"--and earned them Juno Album and Group of the Year trophies.

July 1998 --   Phantom Power, 3x Platinum: Another #1 debut, selling Platinum in its first week of release. It also earns them Juno Awards for Best Rock Album and Best Album Design. The song "Bobcaygeon" takes the Juno Award for Single of the Year in 2000. The year following the album's release, the band plays the very first concert at the brand new Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

June 2000 --  Music @ Work, 2x Platinum: Like Phantom Power, the album was co-produced by the band, Steve Berlin (of Los Lobos) and Mark Vreeken. It's also another #1 and the album wins the 2001 Juno Award for Best Rock Album, and produces four singles, including "The Completists" and "Freak Turbulence."

June 2002 --  In Violet Light, Platinum: Produced by Hugh Padgham and Dave Manning at Compass Point in the Bahamas, the album comes packaged with a card which offered three digital bonus tracks, "Forest Edge," "Problem Bears" and "Ultra Mundane." Part of the marketing of the album includes an off-beat music video for "The Darkest One" that featured Don Cherry and the Trailer Park Boys. The song "Throwing Off Glass" was also released on the Men With Brooms soundtrack album. Singles included "It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken" and "Silver Jet."

June 2004 --  In Between Evolution, Platinum: Ninth album, recorded in Seattle and produced by Adam Kasper. The songs explore themes arising from the 2003 invasion of Iraq. "Heaven Is a Better Place Today" doubles as a tribute to Dan Snyder, a player for the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team who died in an automobile accident nine months before the album's release, and for young men being sent to war. It also produces the #1 single, "In View."

Oct. 2006 --   World Container, Platinum: Produced by Bob Rock and recorded in Maui, Vancouver and Toronto, the album debuted at #2, climbed to #1 and spun off four singles that included the chart-topping "In View" and "The Lonely End Of the Rink" that debuted on Hockey Night In Canada on Oct. 7.  

April 2009 --  We Are the Same, Platinum: Again produced by Bob Rock, but this time at the band's Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, ON. To coincide with the release of We Are the Same, The Hip performed in a concert setting in their studio that was screened live in Cineplex theatres across Canada. The 12-track collection spun off three singles, including the Top 30 hit, "Love Is A First."

Oct. 2012 --   Now For Plan A, Gold: Nominated for Rock Album of the Year at the 2013 Juno Awards, the 12th studio album is produced by Gavin Brown and has the shortest running time of any of their albums, clocking in at 39:18. The album debuted at #3 on the national albums chart. "At Transformation" and "Streets Ahead" were the two biggest singles spun from it.

June 2016 --  Man Machine Poem, due for release on June 17. This 14th studio recording was done at The Hip’s home studio The Bathouse and produced by Kevin Drew and The Stills frontman Dave Hamelin. The lead tracks on release are "In A World Possessed By the Human Mind" and "Tired As Fuck."

Live albums
May 1997 -- Live Between Us, Double Platinum: Recorded on November 23, 1996, at Cobo Arena in Detroit, during the band's N/A tour in support of Trouble at the Henhouse, this live recording documents Gord Downie singing verses of other artists' songs in the middle of the band's own, including David Bowie/Iggy Pop's "China Girl" and The Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby" during "New Orleans Is Sinking", and both Jane Siberry's "The Temple" and Rheostatics' "Bad Time to Be Poor" during "Nautical Disaster". In the week of the album's release, eight songs from the album appeared in the week's Top 20 singles chart.

Nov. 2005 -- Yer Favourites, Triple Platinum: A 2CD compilation album, the tracks for were selected by fans on the band's website and were remastered for this collection. The compilation includes seven songs from Fully Completely (the most songs of any album on the compilation), six from Road Apples, five from Phantom Power, four from Up to Here, four from Day for Night, two from Trouble At the Henhouse, two from Music @ Work, two from In Violet Light, two from In Between Evolution and one from the band's self-titled EP. It also included two new songs, "No Threat" and "The New Maybe." The compilation peaked at #8 on the Albums Chart and was included as part of the Hipeponymous boxed set.

Boxed sets
Nov. 2005 -- Hipeponymous, Platinum: A 2-CD compilation of remastered songs voted for by fans titled Yer Favourites, a full-length concert DVD recorded on November 26, 2004, at the Air Canada Centre titled That Night in Toronto, and a DVD of bonus features that includes all of the band's music videos, a backstage documentary titled Macroscopic, and a short film titled The Right Whale, which features eleven visual vignettes set to new original scores written by the band, packaged in a 48-page hardbound book depicting various Hip memorabilia.

1994 -- Heksenketel -- Platinum: Platinum: A doc featuring concert footage and other clips of the band and crew as they travel across Canada from coast to coast during their 1993 Another Roadside Attraction tour. Heksenketel was originally the name of the tour before it was changed. In the Dutch language ' Heksenketel ' is composed of "heks" and "ketel", which respectively translate to "witch", though it is mostly used in the vernacular sense, meaning a state of confusion and disorder.

2005 -- That Night in Toronto -- Quintuple Platinum: A live concert DVD featuring filmed and directed by brothers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux. It was recorded November 26, 2004 at the Air Canada Centre during The Hip's In Between Evolution tour.

2012 -- Bobcaygeon: Director Andy Keen set up in a farmer’s field in Bobcaygeon, Ont., on June 25, 2011 to document what the press blurb describes as “one of the most anticipated events in the history of Canadian music.” Anticipated because a lauded song (included on Phantom Power) of place was coming home for the very first time. It was also tight logistics fitting 25,000 ardent fans through a rustic community of 3,000. For the fans who attended it was surely a memorable experience. For the rest of us, just watching the near bedlam is an exhausting trip.

* All certifications were made either by the Canadian Recording Industry Association or Music Canada, which is what the trade body is now known by. Before May 1, 2008 a Gold album certifications equaled 50,000 sales, Platinum equaled 100,000 sales and so on. After May 1, 2008 a Gold album certification equaled 40,000 and Platinum equaled 80,000 sold units. Diamond before represented sales of 1m copies of an album, after May 1, 2008 the quantity was downsized to 800,000 copies. The Gold and Platinum standard for video is 5,000 and 10,000 sold copies.

Career highlights

  •      Governor General`s Performing Arts Award 2008: Presented the National Arts Centre Award in Ottawa.
  •      Royal Conservatory of Music 2006: Presented with an honorary fellowship May 24 at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto.
  •     1990: Most Promising Group of the Year
  •     1991: Canadian Entertainer of the Year
  •     1993: Canadian Entertainer of the Year
  •     1995: Entertainer of the Year
  •     1995: Group of the Year
  •     1997: Group of the Year
  •     1997: Album of the Year (Trouble at the Henhouse)
  •     1997: North Star Rock Album of the Year (Trouble at the Henhouse)
  •     1999: Best Rock Album (Phantom Power)
  •     1999: Best Album Design (Phantom Power)
  •     2000: Best Single ("Bobcaygeon")
  •     2001: Best Rock Album (Music at Work)
  •     Canadian Music Hall of Fame 2005: Inducted at the Juno Awards in Winnipeg
  •     2006: CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year (Hipeponymous)
  •     2006: Music DVD of the Year (Hipeponymous)
  •     Canada`s Walk of Fame 2002: Inducted in Toronto










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