David Clayton-Thomas sports his new Audi on Facebook this past Saturday
David Clayton-Thomas sports his new Audi on Facebook this past Saturday

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Level broadcast playing field, Ottawa urged: Canada should ease regulations on traditional broadcasters, two think tanks say -- Toronto Star

Music’s link to the brain means when we lose – or are about to lose – an artist we love, it really hurts -- Marsha Lederman, Globe & Mail

Tragically Hip: The most Canadian band in the world -- BBC

Letter to Andrew Coyne: How CanCon boosted The Tragically Hip -- National Post

Music fans could be target of next UK terror attack: Top counter-terrorism officer tells music executives to take extra security measures in run-up to festival season -- The Guardian

Universal Music acquires digital agency Fame House from SFX: Deal includes cash and debt -- Music Business Worldwide

Cherrytree partners with Warner's ADA, splits with UMG -- Billboard

Spotify is positioned in the middle, between the mammoths and the remaining few independents -- The Economist

Spotify's next investors may face the music: Cash retention still a problem -- Reuters

Tube radio repair business keeps one shop busy -- Belleville New Democrat

Regular Podcast listeners are more likely to be younger, educated, affluent males with iPhones -- Radio World

A career in broadcasting isn't all it's cracked up to be - but I certainly can't complain: Working at the BBC has its pros and cons -- The Mirror



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