Feist: Flamenco

Feist – “Flamenco” (Arts & Crafts): Last week, Lesie Feist was one of the many eloquent voices paying tribute to Gord Downie upon learning the shocking news of his cancer diagnosis. She now adds to that by releasing a musical homage in the form of this cover of The Tragically Hip song “Flamenco,” a highlight of their 1996 album Trouble at the Henhouse. Her version is a minimal one, comprising only voice and an acoustic guitar. The results are beautiful and poignant, and they highlight the poeticism of the Downie lyrics: “Walk like a matador, don't be chicken shit And turn breezes into rivulets Flamenco sweep the air and weave the sun And stamp your feet for everyone.” In the song, Downie contrasts our “super capacity to love” with our “natural tendency to hate.” Love will prevail.




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