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US court rules remastered songs get brand new copyright: Decision means record labels can now avoid public domain issues by "remastering" old works and getting a new copyright that will last for another 95 years -- Hypebot

Is CTV killing Canada AM or just rebranding? It's a moot question now but this article does a good job of answering why Bell Media decided to kill the news & natter in favour of a lifestyle magazine format -- Canadian Press

Problem facing Canadian media go beyond the loss of Canada AM: U prof opines shareholder equity trumps public interest in programming decisions -- Huffington Post 

The top pop stars of the past 103 years come to life: Under three-minute video begins with Joe “King” Oliver and then works through the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Macko, before reaching modern-day stars Kanye West and Justin Bieber -- Vanity Fair

Digitizing the music industry's data: The problem has been absorbing and processing the data but now Kobalt and DistroKid offer technology solutions and transarency -- A Journal of Musical Things

Kris Kristofferson at 80: Songwriter looks back on a celebrated career -- Rolling Stone

Millennials use radio less, smartphones more, than older groups (Nielsen): There are some consistent moves across the age groups. One is a small but consistent decline in time spent listening to AM/FM radio -- RAIN

Neil Young and Promise of the Real review – rocking down the nature trail: In an increasingly rousing show in Glasgow, the grizzled cat in the hat spans five decades with thunderous, heartfelt pleas to save the planet -- The Guardian





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