Attica Riots: Love, Sunshine & Hysteria

Attica Riots – “Love, Sunshine & Hysteria” (Five Seven Music/Sony): Presumably named after the '70s prisoner uprising in NY State that left 43 dead, this wise-ass Winnipeg trio makes up for poor judgement in its choice of name with a zesty pint of larky music and a storyline blending romantic notions with soft-edged political commentary. It’s all rather fun, and buffed to a sheen with a jukebox of licks and riffs snipped from some of our fave hit songs and classic albums.

The band comprises a core triumvirate consisting of Bobby Desjarlais, and brothers Anders and Kyle Erickson, and this frothy punk-pop song is a lick from the band’s upcoming album, produced by Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons).

The collection, tracked at L.A.'s EastWest Studios, benefits from Needham's gentle touch that adds lustre without muffling the band's spirited energy on this major label-backed release.

No official video yet so we’re including this acoustic version done for Fresh Radio 99.1 in the hometown. The single that shipped to radio via DMDS this week has a sharper edge and tougher sound. Highly recommended as an antidote to the bleached batch of jolly jumpers bouncing all over CHR radio today. June 15-25 the band is on a national tour of showcase venues with Bleeker. The tour winds up on the 25th at the Hard Rock in Niagara Falls.




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