Jann Arden Bridles Over Animal Rights Stampede

The Stampede Parade.....

I am appearing in a parade for my city- for the people of Alberta who have been pummelled by the recession - wiped out by fires and lost everything they've ever worked for. I am appearing in a parade that yes- is part of the Calgary stampede- but it is also part of a much larger and broader spectrum of activities and events. I am not supporting animal cruelty!! I would never condone or promote the abuse of any animal. I can take the bullying- I really can. I can handle the harassment and the intimidation tactics and the people pointing and waving their fingers at me like I am somehow solely responsible to stop a rodeo that's been going on for a hundred years. People have been ridiculous on social media- saying I don't do enough and that I am a hypocrite. I wonder what these very same people have done to improve the lives of animals? To say that "I took a private plane ride and rode a horse to help the horse cull and that's about it"- is offensive and irresponsible. You have no clue what I do behind the scenes. None whatsoever. The Stampede is a hell of a lot more than just the rodeo.

Hundreds of thousands of people have walked through the barns on the grounds and have been able to see animals of every description being cared for by enthusiastic 4 H'ers- and proud families who have been farming all over North America for decades. Children and a lot of adults can get up and close with animals they seldom otherwise see-animals being cared for like the members of the family that they are.
Yes- two very different perspectives- but important ones.

Yes I feel conflicted- but I want to support my city! We do not live in a perfect world- but to say that I am supporting animal abuse is a VERY untrue and a bold faced misrepresentation of me. Period.

Stampede programs have done so much to nurture music and singing and dancing for thousands and thousands of kids over the years- the "Young Canadians" travel around the globe promoting good will and the joy of music- bringing with them their true and generous Canadian spirit. Our local and regional economy benefits in countless ways from the Stampede activities- bars- hotels- restaurants- construction companies-travel and transportation companies and it goes on and on and on.

It's NOT just a rodeo. I'm not promoting a rodeo- I am appearing in a parade that I have personally been going to with my ENTIRE family for over fifty years.

We need the financial injection more than ever right now-not only for the people of this province-but for the hundreds of displaced animals that were forced to be left behind because of the Fort Mac fires. Every single rescue was and is overwhelmed! And yup- they need money and precious man hours to sort it all out. When any economy gets a huge boost-things improve for everyone and everything.

No I don't like the fucking chuck wagon races- no I don't like animals being hurt or abused or mistreated!

I thought long and hard about appearing in the parade- it was not an easy decision because I knew the backlash would be hurtful and immediate....I knew I would have people coming after me for being in the parade... The PARADE!!! I'm no more promoting animal cruelty than strangling my own mother. Advocates know that- but they use my name to bring some kind of twisted attention to their issues... Use me all you want. I know my work with animals and their welfare- and I don't need to be bullied into submission by people whose time could be much better spent doing the good they so desperately want to convey to the rest of the world. I am not promoting a rodeo- I'm appearing in a parade for a city I am proud of- for the hundreds of thousands of people and their kids who line up and sit on the curb and spend time forgetting about their troubles for an hour...and no- I'm NOT being paid to appear. Not one red cent.

-- Jann Arden lets it rip on her Facebook page



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