PC MP Peter Van Loan
PC MP Peter Van Loan

PC MP Offers Parity To Songwriters In Private Member's Bill

Conservative MP Peter Van Loan has introduced a Private Member's Bill C-299, which extends copyright protection for Canadian authors, composers and music publishers.

When the Conservative government introduced its budget implementation act, and included the extension of copyright protection for sound recordings from 50 years to 70 years after release, the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), applauded the move but noted it did not include extended protection for authors and publishers.

SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, said at the time that Canada is “lagging behind,” and he urged the government to continue on the right path and support not only sound recordings but songwriter, too.

That wish appears it will now become a reality as sources suggest PC Van Loan has the support of the Liberals, then the opposition and now the party in power.

The private member’s bill is a short-cut to creating parity with the sound recording extension given to recording artists and record labels, in front of proposed revisions to the current Copyright Ac.

Responding to the news, SOCAN’s Baptiste said in a statement that "We are beyond pleased to see Private Member's Bill C-299 introduced today in the House of Commons. If passed, the new bill will strengthen Canada's music ecosystem by bringing copyright protection for Canadian authors and composers in line with international standards. This issue extends beyond party lines and we encourage Members of Parliament from all parties to support the bill."



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