Francophone Audiences Are Unique Music Consumers

Over the last few days, FYI has been sampling data included in a new report. Scroll to the bottom for a link to a sample slide for today's key points from Nielsen's 2016 Music 360 Canada Report.
  • Francophones are important to music sales, particularly physical music sales, with more reporting that they purchased music in the past 12 months (61% vs. 53% Gen Pop). Francophones are driving CD purchases in the market, with more having purchased CD’s (44% vs. 35% GP).

  • Francophones obviously value physical music, so it’s no surprise that, in terms of their music share of wallet, 19% is devoted to physical music (vs. 16% GP). Francophones also more often agree that it is ‘important to me to buy CDs from my favorite bands’ (39% vs. 31% GP).

  • Given their affinity for physical music, Francophones over-index on discovering new music at the shelf (14% vs. 8% GP).

  • Music appears to be a more immersive experience for Francophones, with 51% agreeing that when ‘I listen to music I want to feel it through my whole body’ (vs. 45% GP).

  • And Francophones are more compelled to keep their music listening local, with 43% agreeing that it is important to ‘support local artists’ (vs. 37% GP).

  • They use music videos to help ‘understand the meaning of a song’ (38% vs. 33% GP) and they ‘prefer watching music videos to just listening to a song’ (28% vs. 18% GP) – so you could say that Francophone listeners are more visual as well.


Bottom Line: While other audiences are shifting to alternate forms, Francophones are driving CD sales.  Francophones also have a deep connection with music and the feeling they get while listening to it – and this might explain their heightened propensity to attend DJ events.

Today's Nielsen 2016 Music 360 Canada Report highlight can be viewed here.





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