Magic! How ‘Rude’ Became A Monkey On Their Back

One doesn’t often hear songwriters coming clean about having to perform their hit song over and over again, but in a revealing and very human story about the legacy of the 2014 global hit song “Rude”, co-writer (with band members Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak and Alex Tanas, and producer Adam Messinger) and band member Nasri Atweh comes clean about the pressures the band has felt to write another song that has the same universal impact in a Rolling Stone feature. It turns out much of the pressure has been self-imposed and now the band is coming to terms with the fact that they can continue writing and recording and enjoying performing around the world without feeling unrealistic expectations exerted from their audiences.

At one point in the story, Atweh admits that “I felt the pressure but then I just said to the label and everybody, ‘There's no pressure if there's no time limit. Don't pressure me to deliver something.’ And they said, ‘We're not.’ They said that Rude was potentially a classic so you have all the time in the world and whenever you're ready. Luckily it happened sooner than later.” 

Magic! is currently promoting Primary Colours, its follow-up album. Sony plans to release it on July 1. "Lay You Down Easy" and "Red Dress" have been released as advance singles from the album.



-- Read the complete Rolling Stone interview here



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