Around The Dial: Broadcast News Today

A column about broadcasting, media and the regulatory environment.

In a surprise announcement today, Broadcast Dialogue publisher Howard Christensen e-mailed subscribers that his 20-plus year online publication has been acquired by Momentum Marketing and the weekly will resume publishing on July 21.

Christensen and wife Ingrid were due to retire the well read online weekly as of June 30. Instead, he is to remain as a consultant during the transition for an undetermined time that is expected to last no longer than three months.  Taking the helm as Editor in Chief is Lisa Blackburn who has reported for Newcap, Rogers, Global Maritimes and served as a web editor and writer with CBC Halifax.

-- Westwood One has announced a partnership with cloud intelligence company Veritone to offer radio stations near-instant archiving of content. The system, which stores and analyzes station programming online, is marketed as enabling a host of benefits extending from advertiser reporting to podcasting. -- RAIN


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