Around The Web: Stories You Will Want To Read

A collection of recent news, features and opinions we found on the Internet that we thought might be of interest to our readers.

Dead Artists Are Making A Killing In Music: Within 10 years, the deceased will be earning more than the living – The Daily Beast

Music festivals have a serious problem: They don’t book enough female acts – Carly Lewis, Globe & Mail

Brexit was the headliner, but Glastonbury restored my faith in Britain – Hadley Freeman, The Guardian

The outrage—and economics—of reselling Hip tickets: The prices aren’t as inflated as you think – Maclean’s

The Tragically Hip to Class of 2016: ‘None of us can do it alone’ – Maclean’s

Music in the age of the algorithm: Today’s A-List stars hoover up attention with the assiduity that their 1970s predecessors reserved for cocaine – Financial Times

7 Ways the Music Business Can Guard Against Another Orlando Tragedy: Security experts weigh in – Billboard

How Canada’s Wonderland got built despite heated debates: 35 years later it is one of N/A’s top amusement parks – The Toronto Star





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