Heritage Minister  Mélanie Joly
Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly

Justin West Named To Cultural Policy Advisory Group

Heritage minister Mélanie Joly has struck an advisory panel of experts from media and entertainment to consult with the department on a re-drawing of Canada’s cultural policies. The advisory group is to be officially announced on July 5, but the Globe & Mail has already published the list that includes prominent names in the TV and film production and broadcasting sectors. The lone music industry name is Justin West, founder and president of Montreal-based Secret City Records that is a label, publisher and management firm. He is also son to celebrated Canadian music promoter Jim West.

The review was publicly announced in April and followed-by the release of a pre-consultation paper, titled Strengthening Canadian content creation, discovery and export in a digital world. Parameters for discussion through online consultations and six town hall meetings fall into four main areas:

Legislative Framework, including the Broadcasting Act, the Copyright Act, the Income Tax Act, the Foreign Publishers Advertising Services Act, the Investment Canada Act, the Telecommunications Act, the Radiocommunication Act, and the CRTC Act;

Financial Support, including the Canada Book Fund, the Canada Periodical Fund, the Canada Music Fund, the Canada Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit, and Export promotion funding;

Policy and Regulatory Framework, including the Foreign Investment Policy in Book Publishing and Distribution, the Foreign Investment Policy in the Periodical Publishing Sector, the Foreign Investment Policy in Film Distribution, the Policy on Audiovisual Treaty Coproduction, and Canadian content rules for TV and radio;

National Institutions, including CBC/Radio-Canada, the National Film Board, the Canada Council for the Arts, and Telefilm Canada.



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