What Are Streaming Platforms Paying Artists?

Sadly, most artists and labels have no idea what they should be getting paid by streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and none of these services are offering any guidance.  So, Digital Music News (DMN) put a call out to artists and started publishing whatever royalty statements they could get our hands on (send us yours at david@fyimusicnews.ca and we can do the same).

Most recently, DMN been working with an independent R&B, rap/hip-hop label to test the waters on a range of services.  Alongside some low-lying payments, they also discovered some outrageously high per-stream payments from Tidal and Microsoft Groove (who are now paying several dollars per stream, and no, that’s not a typo).

After a test on their catalog, DMN published the resulting payments that came through.  These are before distributor INgrooves took their cut and applied other costs.  All of these are per-stream payments.

Get the facts and continue reading here and take a deep breath because the Canadian figures aren’t top of the list.



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