Around The Web: Stories You Will Want To Read

ASCAP, BMI Join Forces To Fight Consent Decrees: United in their belief that the DOJ’s decision to mandate 100% licensing will cause unnecessary chaos in the marketplace and place unfair financial burdens and creative constraints on songwriters and composers, the two organizations are pursuing a joint campaign: BMI through litigation and ASCAP through legislative reform – Billboard

So long, Marianne: Leonard Cohen writes to muse just before her death: Cohen’s letter to Marianne Ihlen said ‘our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon’ The Guardian

What are some great stories about bands that were successful, despite all the members hating one another? -- Quora

Frances Moore: The lobbyist waging war for musicians (subscription) – Globe & Mail

Canada’s weirdest experimental music festival: Though it runs the same weekend as sponsor-heavy festivals like Montreal's Osheaga and Toronto's VELD, Electric Eclectics is significantly more affordable and economical -- Thump

Want to fund someone? Fund an emerging artist: Instead of having go through major record labels in order to secure gains, The Unison Fund, a brand-new investment fund, aims to help financial investors with the purpose of financing tours by up-and-coming artists looking for a shot at the mainstream – Digital Music News

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