No Sight But Songwriter Roy Forbes Perseveres

Dawson Creek roots singer-songwriter Roy Forbes, whose songs have been covered by such luminaries Sylvia Tyson, Valdy, and Susan Jacks, has lost his eyesight following an accident, but is determined to stay the course and continue writing and performing with a small circle of friends.

The 63 year-old BC native sometimes known as Bim has often performed with a changeable line-up of some of the west coast’s finest songwriters and musicians, including Shari Ulrich and Bill Henderson, as part of an ensemble known as UHF. Ulrich is a storied name herself on the coast and was a key figure in the Hometown Band, and Henderson is renowned as frontman and a key lyricist in Chilliwack.

Forbes has long had to contend with eyesight problems stemming from glaucoma that killed eyesight in his right eye at an early age. Now, following three surgeries, he has lost sight in the other eye following an accident in December that detached the retina. He has worn thick glasses for years to compensate and now finds himself living in a dark world.

Ian Marchand at the Vancouver Sun has the story as part of an advance piece for Forbes who is appearing today at CBC Plaza on Hamilton Street in Vancouver.




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