Streaming Has Its Own Pay For Play Secret

The adage ‘cream rises to the top’ is a fallacy more than not in the pop wars as managers and musicians create traction using cheque-book friends to gain millions of social media ‘friends’ and now it turns out those with deep pockets can buy themselves top of the pops status by creating the semblance of popularity using cash to win placement on music streaming playlists.

The dirty little secret, exposed in Digital Music News, suggest the three major labels with positions in some of the biggest platforms in the new media model, are rigging the system in their favour. It’s not clear whether bending the rules works in anyone’s favour as the sum total’s result is falling music sales, but it strongly suggests that music fans would be wise to follow their ears—and not let the pack mentality distort their own playlists faves.

-- Read Paul Resnikoff’s story on Playlist payola here.


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