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RIP: Sportscaster and former Montreal junior league all-star defenseman John Saunders died at his home in Hastings-o-Hudson, New York on Aug. 10. He was 61. He started in broadcasting as news director for CKNS Radio Espanola, then sports anchor at CKNY-TV North Bay, and at ATV News New Brunswick in the late ‘70s. He also served as the main sports anchor for CITY-TV between 1980–1982, then moved to the US to work as a sports anchor at WMAR-TV Baltimore. He joinedESPN in 1986 and hosted ABC’s Baseball Night in America through until the mid ‘90s.

-- The Entertainment One film studio and distribution business has received — and rejected — a takeover proposal from UK-based ITV PLC. The London-listed company — which has historical roots in Canada — confirmed the ITV approach Wednesday morning after media reports noted a sharp spike in its stock price on Tuesday.

It said ITV's proposal was valued at 236 pence per share of Entertainment One). At current exchange rates, that would be worth about C$4 per share or C$1.87b. Entertainment One issued a statement confirming that it had been approached by ITV and that the price was rejected as too low. – The Canadian Press

-- The Sowny radio board is known for its chronic whingers, armchair critics—and as an occasional fall-back for people like myself looking to read copy about events of the day that hasn’t been managed and injected with a grab bag of hyperbole. Board member RadioActive is a frequent contributor, and he’s not happy with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, as you can read.

“I’ve been watching NBC Nightly News the past few weeks and have discovered something disturbing, but not really surprising. The network, which paid over a billion dollars for the right to show this usually bloated behemoth, has been careful to not play up all the endless problems that are surrounding this year’s summer spectacle.
“It’s not that they haven’t covered all the issues. It’s just while their competition at CBS and ABC are doing full stories on the potential disasters-in-the-making, NBC is acknowledging problems but treating them as if they’re not serious.
“Zika virus? They’ve sprayed for that.
“Filthy polluted water that could spread serious diseases? They’ve cleaned it up.
“An athletes’ village that wasn’t finished and was plagued by flooding and other problems? A minor inconvenience.
“Security concerns after the military was forced to step in at the last minute? Not to worry.
“Unrest and protests in the country over all the wasted money? Just a bunch of minor malcontents.
“Corruption in the IOC? They let almost all those dope-y Russians back in. But otherwise, their judgment is sound.
“It’s been frustrating to watch as these things are constantly glossed over so they can spend three minutes on some American athlete you never heard of competing in a sport you’d otherwise never watch. Sad really, but I no longer trust their news coverage, which is now so pro-everything Rio that I can’t believe anything they report. God help them if there’s a terror attack during the Games.
“As if that’s not bad enough, this went under the radar for most of us. NBC actually had the gall to try and get the IOC to rearrange the parade of nations that traditionally opens the games according to the host country’s native language. In the case of Rio, that’s Portuguese and the Estados Unidos will be introduced fairly early on. The problem? They wanted it done in English so the United States would come near the end and force American viewers to sit through that many more commercials in order to get to that so-called highlight.

“So for all the coverage of competitors from down south, by all means tune to NBC. Just don’t expect to get the real – or in this case the Rio - story behind them on the Peacock Network’s evening newscast. They’ve demonstrated that they’ve already sold their journalistic soul to the company store.”

Uncle Fester writes him back: “RA I don't know why you'd be tuning in to NBC in the first place... We have perfectly good Olympic coverage emanating from this country...”

-- Bell Media has announced that superstar country duo Florida Georgia Line is set to help kick off the debut broadcast of CTV’s new national wakeup show Your Morning on Monday, Aug. 22 at 6 a.m. ET on CTV, CTV GO, and the network News Channel. Fans can obtain a wristband and catch the 3-song performance at 299 Queen St. W. by linking here.  FGL’s upcoming album Dig Your Roots has its release four days following, on the 26th.

-- While the radio industry has been striving to embrace the modern age with new apps and video streaming, today’s highest paid radio stars — all middle-aged white men — highlight how little the industry has actually changed over the years. For their part, each of these radio hosts has dabbled in other mediums — including establishing their own clothing lines, penning books and hosting TV shows — but the crux of their income comes from good old fashioned radio-hosting gigs.

Howard Stern, known for his often-times off color antics, leads the pack again after having successfully renegotiated a new five-year deal with Sirius XM Radio earning him a pay packet estimated at US85m. Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh, who also announced earlier this month that he’s extending his partnership with iHeartMedia , trails close behind with estimated earnings of $79 million. Add the numbers up for the top six stars alone and the total is approximately $280 million [Forbes bases the list on estimated June 1, 2015 – June 1, 2016 pretax income, before deducting management and legal fees]. -- Forbes gallery of top paid US radio stars

- 21st Century Fox has reportedly begun discussing a settlement in the Gretchen Carlson lawsuit against Roger AilesVanity Fair reports the company is requesting that Ailes, who has denied all Carlson’s allegations, fund at least a portion of the settlement, which is expected to reach eight figures.

-- In case you haven’t heard, Honest Trailers managed to snag itself an Emmy nomination in one of the award show’s new short-form categories. Don’t think for a second, though, that the recognition earned by the Defy Media-produced web series will go to its head. Instead of offering congratulatory pats on the back to its fellow nominees, Honest Trailers has chosen to lampoon 15 of them in a single episode.


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-- Sources for the above include SOWNY Radio Board, Air Checker, The Wire, and CARTT




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