Green Day today
Green Day today

Top Yangaroo DMDS Music Tracks Of The Week

The following are tracks delivered to radio by digital distributor DMDS/Yangaroo in Canada and broken down into two categories.

Top Downloads represents the most copied tracks in the week up until July 11, and the Most Active Indies blends downloads and streams, with the affiliated label and radio promotions company in parenthesis.

Top Downloads for the week of Aug. 15th

1.  Green Day “Bang Bang” (Warner)



2.  One Republic “Kids” (Universal)

3.  Michael Bernard Fitzgerald “One Love” (Treasure Island/RPMpromo)

4.  Aaron Goodvin “Woman in Love” (Warner)

5. The Motorleague “A Little Too Obvious” (Sonic/RPMpromo)


6. Bon Jovi “This House Is Not for Sale” (Universal)

7. Tove Lo “Cool Girl” (Universal)

8.  Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals f. Nelly “Millionaire” (Warner)

9.  Carrie Underwood “Dirty Laundry” (Sony)

10.  Jocelyn Alice “Feels Right” (Sony)

Most Active Indies:

1.  Michael Bernard Fitzgerald “One Love” (Treasure Island/RPMpromo)


2.  The Motorleague “A Little Too Obvious” (Sonic/RPMpromo)

3.  David Myles “It Don’t Matter” (Tiny Little/RPMpromo)

4.  Domino “We Just Did” (Carefree)

5.  David James “Starts with A Girl” (MDM/Dale Speaking Promo)

6.  Every Last Chance “Fever” (Indie/Frontside Promo)

7.  Dean Brody “Bush Party” (Open Road)


8.  Alee “Are You Alone” (Wax/DMD Promo)

9.   Brad Battle “Hung Up” (Indie/Pitbull Promo)

10. Karac Hendriks “Can’t Help Loving You” (Raine)





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