Goofy pop star Justin Bieber
Goofy pop star Justin Bieber

Around The Web: Stories You Will Want To Read

A collection of news, views and reviews from around the web in the past short while that caught our eye and, hopefully, catch yours too.

Rightscorp wins big in torrent liability case against ISP: Other providers on notice – Chicago Tribune

New to the music biz? There’s a $250m investment fund looking for you: The aim of Unison Fund is to finance albums, tours, music videos and other work by emerging artists -- WSJ

The music industry’s new war is about more than copyright: We're listening to more songs than ever thanks to YouTube. Eight charts that explain why that isn't necessarily music to the ears of Taylor, Bono, and the big labels – Fast Company

Put yourself at the centre of our stories and all you need is a smartphoneThe New York Times invites you into the world of virtual reality

How Drake conquered streaming: The Toronto MC has emerged as the leader of the new industry model – Billboard

Justin Bieber dominates singles chart for second time in a year: Singer has claimed two top spots on UK chart for the second time. Last act to have done so is Madonna, back in 1985 -- BBC


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