Finally, A Chart That Tracks The Cash Spun From Today's Hits

The ever irreverent and often prescient US American music biz publication Hits has created the chart of charts. As the publication explains, the chart below tracks the total weekly revenue of the Top 25 songs, tabulating sales, streams and their revenue contributions.

The authors offer a word or two about methodology: On-demand audio streams are calculated at an average of .00575 per stream; however, streams from the ad-supported tier are calculated at a lower rate. Track sales are calculated at 70% of retail, with 69-cent and other discount sales pricing factored in here for the first time as we refine our model. Revenue from video streams, including user-generated content, is factored into the total but not broken out on the chart. Needless to say, these numbers represent an estimate for comparative purposes, and should not be seen as an attempt to determine artist royalty payments.

It offers a fascinating glance that tracks the cash—and it is promised as a new weekly contribution available through its Hits Daily Double web portal.























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