Johnny Likes To Think Of Himself As Still A Little Rotten

Have I mellowed? Absolutely fucking not. Listen, dear boy, I’m a hell of a lot more easier going than a lot of people would like to believe, but I’m not easy going when it comes to making music. I’ve no time for laziness. I demand quality. And all we set out to do with this album was to make a fine piece of music.

Too many outfits at the moment just use computers and they have no talent and can’t write songs and can’t play, and why should I be a part of that? I never was a part of that. I just want to write good music, thank you, and if that upsets a lot of posers out there – or shall we call them purists – that’s their jolly bad luck.

I haven’t mellowed. I’m not going for the fast buck. The amount of time we spend writing these songs in itself defies the possibility of earning vast amounts of money.

-- John Lydon, The Guardian 

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