News Our PM Is A Hip Fan Has Its Consequence

We can't blame Justin for being a fan of the Tragically Hip as a citizen; most of us have some kind of interest..

As the PM however, it's an entirely different ball game.
Same with attending parades here and there.

Is it Trudeau the man is it Trudeau the politician who is attending the event?
If Hip lead singer Gord Downie didn't face terminal brain cancer and it wasn't the band's few last gigs, would it be the same?

How do you spell "photo op"?
Not saying he shouldn't attend but it should be as a member of the audience, not to mount the stage afterwards and have all kind of snaps taken for his personal album and possibly memoirs (and dare we say ...Liberal publicity?)

Mind you, Steve probably did about the same with hockey but maybe not to such a degree as he was rather publicity-shy.

-- Massey Jones reacts to a CP story posted to the CBC News website that the PM intends to attend The Tragically Hip's tour-closing concert in Kingston this Saturday.



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