Where Is The Song Of The Summer?

The following is extracted from an article appearing in The Guardian:

When pop star and millennial tastemaker Lorde tweeted earlier this month, “guys @ToveLo is casually about to drop the pop song of the summer”, it seemed too good to be true. Would Tove Lo’s "Cool Girl", accompanied by a jolly gif of the Swedish singer flashing her bum, succeed where so many had failed? Could 2016 finally have its ubiquitous sunshine banger?

Apparently not. Lorde’s idea of the sort of song you can dance all night to is for head nodding instead. Where is our "Get Lucky," our "I Gotta Feeling," our "Macarena"? Where is our "Saturday Night"? The upbeat summer song is as essential to the months of June, July and August as wearing flip-flops to work. This was our last chance and we fluffed it.

Summer 2016 looks destined to be remembered as the season when nothing stuck. No definitive tune rang out in the lidos, no consensus spread across social media, and no song embedded itself deeply enough in collective memory to be swooned over….

But perhaps summer 2016’s real Grinch is Drake. As "One Dance" annexed the No 1 spot, July came around and we were still saddled with a song from early spring – a summer anthem by default. We’ll get no "California Gurls" or "Hot In Herre" this year, but we’ll always have "One Dance." It feels like it already.

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