Myles Goodwyn and Burton Cummings
Myles Goodwyn and Burton Cummings

Garth Brooks Among Stars Praising Myles Goodwyn

Myles Goodwyn broke out of rural Nova Scotia with his trailblazing April Wine back in 1969 and hasn't looked back...until now.

On October 18, HarperCollinsCanada will publish Just Between You And Me, a 400-page autobiography penned by Goodwyn with noted author Martin Melhuish that traces the rock star's life from his birth until today, and all the clean and sordid stories in between.

And a folio of music industry luminaries have read it and are giving it deep praise. The first is from fellow Canadian Music Hall Of Fame member Burton Cummings, whose quote was posted recently on Goodwyn's Facebook, which he's graciously allowed us to reproduce here...

“I’ve known Myles for what seems like forever, certainly since what we called the ‘golden days’ of Canadian music. He was always friendly towards me, even though we were competitors. I remember one night in Montreal decades ago, sitting with Myles having a few cold Canadian beers, just generally telling each other stories, and I don't recall ever having laughed that hard in my entire life.

In Winnipeg there was a time when April Wine were all over the radio—all over it. Myles is a survivor, having weathered health issues and having come out on top. I admire his spirit above all, for when I look at him I see a guy who has lived life, not just existed. I’m happy for Myles now, as I know this book will be read and loved by many who are not fortunate enough to know him personally, as I have. Mr. Goodwyn is truly one of the Canadian pioneers who helped bring Canada to the forefront of the stage of international music. Congratulations, Myles. I’m proud to be your friend.”

—Burton Cummings, songwriter, musician and former lead singer for The Guess Who and Officer of the Order of Canada

Up next, proving April Wine's international popularity, is an exclusive from country superstar Garth Brooks, who says the Goodwyn-fronted band taught him a lot about the music biz....

"April Wine was my Entertainment 101 for my career. Hard working band that taught me it is all about entertainment. And all the lessons I have learned since then stand on the foundation they set for me." - Garth Brooks

The other endorsements...well - this is just some of them, but read 'em and weep...

“In these pages, Myles chronicles the journey of April Wine, Canadian hard rock trailblazers, but also presents his personal life stripped to the core, warts and all. It’s a story many will understand and appreciate.” —Alex Lifeson, guitarist for Rush, Order of Canada

“As a massive April Wine fan, I could not lay down this memoir. . . . I loved reading about every twist and turn. Just between you and me, folks, this is a great read!” —Alan Doyle, lead singer of Great Big Sea and bestselling author of Where I Belong.

“Whether you are a fan or not, this is a really heartfelt autobiography that offers insight into the life of one of Canada’s finest pioneering rock musicians/songwriters, making his way through the wilderness and beyond. It is quite simply a damn fine read!” —Tom Cochrane, lead singer, songwriter of Red Rider and an Officer of the Order of Canada.

“Wow, what a book . . . so honest, lots of detail and a great read!” —Deane Cameron, President/CEO, Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, former President of EMI Music Canada, Order of Canada.

“As one of Canada’s foremost rock songwriters of the past forty-plus years, Myles Goodwyn clearly demonstrates a unique talent for writing undeniable hooks and timely and accessible lyrics, and the wherewithal to make some great records with his Juno Hall of Fame band April Wine.” —Frank Davies, President, Let Me Be Frank Inc., Founder, The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

“I swear, so much of this could be my story, too. So many parallels, the same memories, only the names have changed. This book is a great trigger, a catalyst--it brought so much of my life back to me, stuff that otherwise probably would’ve been gone forever. Thanks, Myles!” —Paul Dean, lead guitarist for Loverboy.

“Myles Goodwyn’s great songs and punishing guitar assault on the radio forged my musical tastes . . . This is a great story filled with colourful anecdotes on how it was to be a successful Canadian musician in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, and how it is today.” —Jeff Stinco, Juno Award-winning guitarist for Simple Plan.

“After a friendship of more than five decades, I thought I knew Myles Goodwyn. That is, until I read Just Between You and Me. The up-close and personal writing style of his memoir make it an easy, entertaining and revealing read.” —Jim Henman, singer, songwriter, and original member of April Wine.

“Being onstage is the easy part. If you dare, let Myles walk ya through the rest.” —Kim Mitchell, singer, songwriter, performer, and radio personality.

“Myles is a bona fide enigma-part guitar god and part tender balladeer and a true titan of Canadian rock. In this fascinating glimpse into his private world, Myles cracks open his heart to reveal the man behind the myth and the stories behind the songs.” —Sass Jordan, Juno Award-winning singer and performer.

“Myles Goodwyn is unequivocally Canada’s greatest rock ’n’ roll songwriter. This book chronicles Myles’s personal journey, as only he can. His chart-topping success with April Wine are a testament to Myles’s talent. This book is a testament to his humanity.” —Gil Moore, drummer for Triumph and owner of Metalworks Studios.

“What a wonderful read. Myles walked me back through much of my own past telling his unique and fascinating life story.” —Bruce Guthro, award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter, singer for Runrig.

“An inspiring and all too close-to-the-bone read for anyone who’s ever played, or dreams of playing, in a rock ‘n’ roll band. All of the beauty and all of the demons.” —Sam Roberts, Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter.

 Like we hinted, these are just a few of the musical souls heaping praise on this new tell-all. 

To read more, please access the HarperCollinsCanada website here.




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