Harmonium's Classic L'Heptade Gets 40th Anniversary Upgrade From Sony

Sony Music Entertainment Canada has announced a remixed edition of Harmonium’s 1976 double-LP, L’Heptade is to have its re-release on November 18. 2016.

Considered to be a quintessential Quebec pop albums, a new XL reunites lead vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Serge Fiori back with band basssist Louis Valois to add sparkle to the original master tapes that were damaged and then lost for several decades.

To celebrate this first reissue in 40years, multiple formats will be made available, all remixed and remastered from the original master tapes: digital, 2CD, 2CD+DVD deluxe, DVD, vinyl, as well as a super deluxe box.
 In addition to the release of L’Heptade XL, a musical film will accompany it entitled, Viens voir le paysage, taken from a concert taping during the album’s tour in 1977. 

 The DVD portion also contains a newly recorded song: “C’est dans le noir (It is in the black).”  This song was used as an introduction on the original tour.  
L'Heptade is composed of seven core songs evoking the journey of a man in one day through seven levels of consciousness, at least that’s how Fiori explained it at the time. Clues that the whole journey occurs in a single day are given on the original album. For example, a rapid sigh of a man waking up, followed by steps on a cracked wooden floor can be heard in the prologue, the first musical movement preceding the first core song. A man preparing to sleep can be heard in the finale of the album.

All seven core songs include at least two, sometimes up to six, different melodies, often with lengthy solos.

The album, produced at a cost of $90,000 was (and still is) one of the most popular double albums in the history of Quebec popular music, and has gone on to sell over 200,000 copies since its original release.

The original matrix of this album was damaged by a water flood in the offices of CBS. As a consequence, the CD version was recorded from a vinyl record. These tapes recovered again have been meticulously cleaned up and remixed, hence the remastered 40th anniversary release.









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