David Usher: Black Black Heart (feat. Marie Mai)

David Usher -"Black Black Heart (feat. Marie-Mai)" (Evil Empire): The Moist frontman and solo artist will be releasing a new solo album on October 21, Let It Play. It will comprise English adaptations of French songs David loves, from new young pop artists to the elder statesmen of Quebec music.

In a neat twist, there will be one song in French on the album, this remake of Usher's 2001 #1 hit single "Black Black Heart" from his album Morning Orbit, one that scored a Juno in 2002 for Best Pop Album of the Year. This striking new version of the song features popular Quebec artist Marie Mai, and it shows that the song, one of Usher's finest, remains potent 15 years on.

We expect the track to do very well in Quebec, and we look forward to the album.





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