Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent On Sexual Plumbing and Washrooms

... I salute and applaud and respect activism from wherever it may come and for whatever it may stand for. Caring, responding and participating should always be saluted. Do I believe everybody should have equal rights? Of course I do. That includes gays, lesbians and transgenders, and everybody else regardless of color, creed, religion, way of life and choices.

The North Carolina and Mississippi deal is more convoluted. Because I work closely with law enforcement across the country, I understand the demonic curse of child molestation and crime. To think a person can claim a gender to access a restroom, is dangerous dangerous territory.

The gender you were born with should dictate the facilities you use. I think that's a good general policy so that documented cases of abuse can be controlled and minimized. I think what Springsteen and others are protesting misses the point that normal sexually oriented people; we have rights, too. It's a strange condition, and I pray for the Bruce Jenners of the world. It must be a difficult and challenging decision in life to have x plumbing and claim y gender.

I think restrooms should be limited to the gender on the sign of the door. I salute those who are protesting and who are activists, but I think they are mistaken and misdirected....

-- A candid interview with Ted Nugent on politics, LGBT, Kid Rock and music, NPR



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