Everything Is Awesome For Tegan And Sara

Tegan Quin says that after eight albums and years of light discord, she and her sister Sara have found a happy medium of acceptance in Tegan and Sara.

“We’ve hit a really great point, we’re one band. I think we’ve finally found a path and a voice and a sound and a set of goals that we can really get behind and appreciate,” she told the Calgary Herald.

“I think we recognize that — I think we knew this all along, but certainly now we really get it — we can make each other better. I think there were years where we really had to really strike out on our own and sort of agitate each other and our sound and the band and our audience to showcase that we were independent people and different, but I think that we recognize now in a way that’s really exciting that we really do bring so much to the project that without one another we’re not as good. So we need each other.”

Read the whole Calgary Herald story here.



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