Justin Bieber: King of the Whole Wide World

The bankability of Justin Bieber is pure gold. The Stratford, ON singer's latest global tour is earning strong praise and even stronger box-office receipts.

His first tour, My World, made $53.3 million in ticket sales, his second, Believe, earned US$69.9 million from 67 shows – Purpose includes 121 concerts and is estimated to have grossed in excess of $80 million to date--with more than 20 dates in Europe and the UK to be added to the total. Unless some unexpected catastrophe occurs, this tour is going to become a $100 million dollar bonanza, with the star of the show rumoured to be working on a $1 million guarantee per appearance.

Bieber is currently in London where he was originally confirmed to play three concerts at the massive 02 Arena. The ticket sales moved briskly enough to up the number and he last night he performed the first of six.

Seasoned music critic Neil McCormick who writes for The Telegraph filed (in part) this overnight review:

"Is it old fashioned to think that if you can sing, you really should? That this, in fact, is the very essence of the live contract between performer and fan? Bieber seems to consider it his contractual duty to be there, and the fans are thrilled by his presence. And if that is enough for everyone in the room, then perhaps we have to judge the show on its own terms. As manifestations of idolatry go, this was pretty slick. The staging was spectacular, the musical presentation was dynamic and The Star comported himself with a goofy cool.

"For an uncommitted observer, the problem at the very core of a Bieber show, is the sense that he is a young, reluctant star still struggling with his place in the spotlight. But, oddly, it is that very element of self doubt that makes him so compelling. He seemed most engaged during a long, rambling monologue about the purpose of love, before singing (yes, really singing) the title song to a piano accompaniment. Justin Bieber may still be struggling to make sense of his absurd career but he's doing it with a chutzpah to send a devoted audience home thoroughly entertained..."

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