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Oldchella manages to attract fans of all agesDesert Trip viewed as most lucrative festival ever-- LA Times

Cliff Richard says he is forever tainted because of abuse allegations -- The Guardian

Chuck Berry turns 90 and will release first album in 38 years -- Rolling Stone

Tanya Tagaq finds inner peace in new album Retribution: The Polaris Prize winner is back in the spotlight -- The Globe and Mail

Oasis rejected chance to be on the Trainspotting soundtrack -- The Guardian

The making of The Last Waltz: When the Band decided to stop touring, they asked a young director named Martin Scorsese to put their farewell concert on film. In an excerpt from his new memoir, Testimony, guitarist-songwriter Robbie Robertson recalls the night of Thanksgiving 1976, where electric performances by legends such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell created rock history -- Robbie Robertson, Vanity Fair

An unsigned artist makes 4X more from streaming than a major label artist: Signing to a major label used to be the only way to succeed.  Now, in a world dominated by streaming music, it can cost an artist dearly -- Digital Music News

Shazam adds video on in-app music feature: There are about 120 million people using Netflix on a monthly basis, and Shazam was downloaded over 1 billion times since it was introduced. Clearly there's a huge market here for the music app to take advantage of, and music videos is the right step -- Tech Times

Matt Holubowski, Quebec La Voix winner, talks about his new 'Solitudes' album that is Top 10 in Canada -- The Gazette

Direct-to-fan services ranked: Agency Wicksteed Works covers 17 services: Bandcamp, Bandzoogle, Big Cartel, Church of Merch, Fullscreen Direct, Greedbag by state51, Kontraband, Music Glue, Musicraiser, PledgeMusic, Qrates, Sandbag, Songkick, Sunshine HQ, Ticketmaster, TM Stores and Topspin -- Music Ally

David Bowie -- three more songs from Lazarus sessions revealed: The Guardian

Leonard Cohen revisits the sounds of his youth in Montreal for new album -- The Globe and Mail

A profile of Green Day mainman Billie Joe Armstrong-- New York Times




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