5 Reasons The Music Industry Should Care About Driverless Cars

"The time and space freed up by autonomous driving has the potential to make music a more outwardly visual and physical medium. In fact, the shape of a car provides a natural 360-degree viewing experience, suggesting a lucrative new entry point and distribution channel for virtual and augmented reality as it relates to any media format. Ford patented a driverless car windshield entertainment system in March 2016 that could very soon be tested on the road.

"Such immersion also makes autonomous vehicles a perfect platform for experimentation with context awareness and personalization. Cars and screens will have access to more detailed location and consumption data, allowing for targeted, dynamic media and advertising that is sensitive to the destination and duration of each trip. The financial benefits of this immersion and personalization will inevitably carry over to music, since the industry’s financial well-being is so intrinsically tied to the ad market..."

-- Taken from a feature written by Cherrie Hu that appeared in Hypebot yesterday




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