The Pipe & Hat Music Group team announces their expansion at The Good Will. L-R: Martin LaFrenière, Donovan Jonk, Matt Boyer, Tim Jones, Elise Roller, Jane Puchniak (Photo: Travis Ross)
The Pipe & Hat Music Group team announces their expansion at The Good Will. L-R: Martin LaFrenière, Donovan Jonk, Matt Boyer, Tim Jones, Elise Roller, Jane Puchniak (Photo: Travis Ross)

Winnipeg's Pipe & Hat Music Group Expands

Announced over a two-day celebration on October 21 and 22 at Winnipeg music venue, The Good Will Social Club, award-winning artist management firm and Canadian record label, Pipe & Hat confirmed their expansion, adding two new divisions to the growing business.

Beginning with artist management in 2009, and adding a record label in 2011, Pipe & Hat expands again taking on the new moniker Pipe & Hat Music Group (PHMG) to house four divisions: Pipe & Hat Artist Management, Flint/Fire Development, Sugar Gator Records and Jellyfish Jam Creative Services.

“Pipe & Hat started out as artist management and a boutique record label," Pipe & Hat Music Group President Tim Jones explained. "Our mission has remained the same but the way we operate has changed shape."

Explaining how,  Jones mapped out the following: “Our team operates on a local, national and international scale helping artists achieve their goals and reach their widest possible audience.

"Another important facet of our organization is our outreach and connecting with the community at large. We’ve taken on new projects, new collaborators and new mediums of artists. The move to Pipe & Hat Music Group is the next step.”


From producing live events to mentoring artists, Flint/Fire Development is the place where artists and community come together. Pipe & Hat produced the main stage for Pride Winnipeg Festival 2016 and accordingly, Flint/Fire Development is confirmed to produce Pride Winnipeg’s 30th Anniversary event in June 2017.

This division also provides mentorship to artists in the early stages of their career, as well as assistance with everything from grant-writing to advice on performance, stage setup, and image.

The first band to join Flint/Fire Development is Calgary-based psych-rock group, Fever Feel, who performed to a sold out audience the first day of Pipe & Hat Music Group’s event.

At the same weekend event, PHMG announced their record label’s new moniker, Sugar Gator Records.

“Within their seven year history, Pipe & Hat has released albums from the UK, Canada, and the United States under their boutique record label. It’s time for that label to stand on its own, which is why I’m happy to introduce to you the second division under the Pipe & Hat Music Group, the freshly minted Sugar Gator Records,” said Robbie Rousseau, President of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, and emcee of the two-day PHMG event.

The celebratory weekend also marked the first official release under the new Sugar Gator Records imprint with Indicator Indicator’s final album, Edie\Abel, debuting alongside their live performance on October 21. Bright Righteous, Lanikai, The Noble Thiefs, and Sc Mira, four bands from the Pipe & Hat Artist Management roster, also performed.

The fourth division, Jellyfish Jam Creative Services was also announced.

“In our rapidly changing music and media environment with endless options for creative services, we wanted to develop a wing for creative professionals. These include the producers, engineers, songwriters, composers, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers that are so instrumental to artists realizing their vision,” said Jones. “We want to recognize the important contributions and support the growth of the fine folks behind the scenes, who are equally as important to the success of the final product.”

Jellyfish Jam Creative Services’ initial roster was announced consisting of producers Mike Nash (Montréal) and Ferro Montanino (Winnipeg), photographer Travis Ross (London), engineers Jordan Waters, Donovan Jonk, and Soundsmart (Winnipeg), live sound technician Matt Boyer (Winnipeg), and graphic designer, Lee Froese (Victoria).

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