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Don't throw out that TV set quite yet

New US research reports that that while streaming is on the rise, TV continues to be the No. 1 source for viewing it, accounting for 7.4 hours per week, per consumer. Computers accounted for 5.0 hours, mobile devices for 3.1 hours and tablets for 3.0 hours weekly. The study also revealed data showing the device preferences of users of different streaming services, showing marked differences. While TV-centric services, such as Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Amazon and HBO Go, continue to be dominated by TV set consumption, YouTube and iTunes are dominated by the Web, both desktop and mobile (see chart). -- Media Post

When great songs sound bad on radio

It's one of the great radio records of all time. So, Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" ought to sound great every time it comes on the radio. But often, that opening laugh gets stomped by the jock, or nearly lost because of levels issues. And there are scores of other records with similar issues, from "More Than A Feeling" to artists as recent as Adele. Stations often input songs hurriedly, without optimizing them to sound good on the radio. Even "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," the most iconic intro ever, can lose impact if it hits the wrong way. And yet, assembling a great sounding radio station is something that listeners still can't do for themselves. Why do we often fumble the opportunity for a new beginning every three minutes -- (Sean) Ross On Radio



-- The ever controlversial Ezra Levant on Twitter yesterday: "Taxpayers have to pay $1.5B /year to the CBC because they provide Canadian content no-one else in the media would provide."

-- VICE Media Canada had joined forces with a coalition of civil liberties organizations to launch, a multi-platform campaign to raise awareness about VICE News Journalist and Cyberwar Host Ben Makuch's fight to protect his sources from RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) interference.

-- The Canadian Media Fund has announced a pilot program to support the production of Canadian linear Drama or Children’s and Youth web series in their second or subsequent season.

-- A Boomer Home Companion national podcast targeting Canada's 10M baby boomers will launch on Nov. 5, hosted by veteran radio personality Allan Holender. To be produced in the Okanagan, Holender admits the new venture is inspired by the award winning A Prairie Home Companion in the US, and show Host Emeritus, Garrison Keillor. The show will air live on Saturdays at 9:00am (Pacific) 11:00am (Central) 12:00 Noon (Eastern)  and then be archived as a podcast on the Boomer Public Radio site. or 250-215-6692

-- The Sowny Radio Forum offers an interesting read on how we should pronounce Spadina (Avenue), Toronto and Port Dalhousie.

-- And Daily Motion offers a handful of US election one-liners and riddles


Worth Noting

Was Shad set up to fail? -- CanadaLand podcast

Identity crisis? When a by-line becomes a brand: The digital age is changing the relationship between journalists and the public. The growing requirement for journalists to align themselves with a company ‘brand’ online is affecting objectivity and personal identity, according to recent research -- EJO

They bought all those newspapers. Now they're laying off the reporters-- National Observer

Asian Canadian female stars tackle identity and invisibility on Canadian TV: Even in Vancouver, few Asians find work on mainstream radio and TV -- The Georgia Straight




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